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Useful free WordPress plugins for all your website needs

Useful free WordPress plugins for all your website needs

. 2 min read

While this blog uses Ghost CMS as a content management platform (CMS), most of the website development projects that we run for our clients are built on WordPress. The main reasons for using WordPress as a CMS are the full client control over the content of their website (not needing a developer to manage their information), the fast time to market (not taking a lifetime to launch a website) and the open source availability of the technology (the client owning their data).

While building a WordPress site for your client or on your own, there are hundreds of thousands of available themes and plugins that you could use and chosing among them can become quite a tedious job that will take quite a lot of research and trial time.

To help you with your choices, we have structured a list of useful free WordPress plugins that we have used in our projects based on the needs that we had in that respective project. More than that, we will offer you a list of must have plugins that almost every site should use as they provide very valuable functionalities for your website.


Your website security is probably the most important and, in the same time, the most overlooked requirement when building or managing a company website. Most people will think that they won't be targeted by hackers because they have nothing to offer, while others simply do not know what they could do to make their websites more secure.

When we talk about security we mean a lot of things, from the seemingly simple GDPR compliance to backups, malware protection and intrusion detection.


Sucuri, iThemes, Jetpack, etc.

While neither of the above listed plugins does ensure a 100% protection for your website, they will at least provide some deterrents for those who will try to take over your website and use it for spammy or even illegal activities. The real security mindset that you have to get into is how you will deal with the reality of your website being hacked.

While website hosting is not a topic we will explore here, do keep in mind that your website security actually starts with your hosting server's security.



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Other useful plugins