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How to find affordable technology for your everyday startup needs

How to find affordable technology for your everyday startup needs

. 2 min read

Running your own business nowadays requires a lot of technology, even though most business owners do not recognize this need as they are content with doing things the way they know how to do it. Even those who recognize this need are most of the times unsure what would work best for them or how to use such technologies.

Most dental practitioners I know and who run their own small businesses still use pen and paper to schedule their patients even though there are a lot of web applications out there that could help them automate some of that activity. But neither finding out about these technologies is necessarily easy for them nor the learning curve required for them to use these technologies is something that they're willing to get into as they prefer to focus on doing what they know best: serve their patients.

By the same token, a lot of companies have various business needs that they could solve with the help of technology, but have no idea what is available or which technology would work best for them if they were to go that route. Truth is, choosing the right technology and implementing it is not an easy thing to do.

Thus, the idea of this Digital Entrepreneur project was born as a set of resources and services that aim to help entrepreneurs identify and implement the right technology for their everyday business needs. From simple communication tools to the more advanced marketing technologies we want to be your trusted resource for all your technology needs.

We will try to collect all useful resources in a single page, structured into categories, with links to relevant articles on this blog as we know how complicated it is to even just search online for a specific technology, due to the fact that there are a lot of commercial and marketing websites out there that recommend various solutions only based on the affiliate commissions that they make out of this.

While we also plan to finance this project partly through affiliated links and recommendations, we will only mention here technologies we have used or tried in our projects and for which we can provide relevant information for you.